Review – WoSports Bluetooth Sunglasses

So I was asked to give my honest review and I must say these need improveme.

For starters the design…..

While these are sunglasses first and bluetooth Earbuds second they look great for sunglasses. I really love the look of these glasses and you can purchase them without the earphones on Amazon for less than $20.00 and these are great.

Now for the earphones… These are a slight disappointment. For starters the way the earphones stick to the side of the frame makes it look silly.


imageAs you can tell the Earbuds stick out about an inch from the sides and this looks funny.

Now on to wearing the earbuds, this is another disappointment because the cable is short,  about a half inch long and slightly tight to wear in your ears. They are also slightly uncomfortable in my ears and can only be worn for only a few minutes before it starts to become uncomfortable.

You can check out my full review here,  and please let me know what you think! Do you have a pair of these glasses? What makes a great pair of glasses? Would you wear Bluetooth Earphones built into your favorite pair of sunglasses?

You can purchase your own pair by going to Amazon!


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