DJI Phantom 3 – Standard

So for years I have been asking for a Drone, mostly a DJI Phantom, because I want to start a new hobby and venture into the R/C Drone experience. I started watching YouTube videos of Casey Neistat who takes some AMAZING videos of everywhere he goes and does from New York, to California and all over the world. After years of waiting, and a little bartering, I was given the green light on my way home from a business trip TOTALLY out of the blue!

Before she can change her mind I took full advantage and went to order one. Then a few days later BAM a proud owner of a DJI Phantom 3 – Standard.

Now some people may complain that Oh you shoulda waited for the 4, or Why not the Pro or the Advanced?  For me to came down to practicality. I am not gonna let this new “hobby” start off breaking the bank. This is something that I am just starting and really looking forward to getting more into. I felt that the standard is perfect for me as it is a basic drone that I can learn and use anytime. I don’t have a 4K T.V and so 4K is overkill and this shoots great 1080p footage with great still images!

Check out my test flight video’s and let me know what you think? Do you have a drone? What is your experience with starting new hobbies?


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