Review – Kuda Outdoors Flashlight

I always love getting new flashlights because we use them everywhere. When this one arrived, the first thing that I said was that this light is BRIGHT! Be sure you’re not looking at it when you first turn it on because you will blind yourself!

This flashlight comes with everything neatly boxed separately. It comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, a wall charger, a plastic battery sleeve, a battery holder so that you can use 3 AAA batteries instead of the lithium ion battery. I like that it can be used with 2 different types of batteries so you can always use it even if you forget to recharge the big batteries.
The coolest thing about this flashlight is the variety of light functions. Besides being able to adjust the beam from zoom to wide angle, it has 5 modes of lighting: bright, medium, low, strobe & SOS signal. This is a really great flashlight & is handy to have not only around the house, but for camping trips too.


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