Kitchenbest Silicone Utensils – Review

So for someone like me that is not a big fan of cooking, these are great kitchen utensils!

The color of these is a nice lime green, which my wife isn’t a fan of, however grew on me and I started to really like since it’s a really different color! I have purchased other non-stick cookware friendly utensils before and they are a hard plastic that tends to melt if you leave it on the burner in the pan to long, or worse the black starts to fade and looks grey over a few washes. These are made of silicone, which eliminates that problem, and after 5 wash cycles in the dishwasher have not warped or faded any of the color.

The utensils have a stiffer metal type core that makes them solid for cooking, but still have that soft silicone feel to them. They are comfortable and easy to hold on to when cooking. The only one I was not a huge fan of was the spatula. With it being silicone the edge is softer and you can’t use it to scrap anything off because of that. It did work great for making scrambled eggs though. The softer edge went around the edge of the pan very well and worked great.

Clean-up is also a snap. They are dishwasher safe! I have put them through my dishwasher 5 times so far, on the high heat setting and they did not melt, fade or get warped.

You can tell that these are really meant to last. They seem to be high quality and I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for some silicone utensils.

You can click here to purchase your own set on Amazon for $24.99 currently.



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