Homiom Microfiber Duster – Review

So let me say that this is a very nice duster. It has a pretty solid expandable pole for reaching the hard to reach areas, however it’s not the best.

The head of the duster is a microfiber and very soft. It picks up the dust very easily however it does not hold onto it very well. As you can see below, when dusting my fan it does not trap the dirt and it just falls on the floor, or on you.

One thing that I really like is the head is also bendable so that if you have ceiling fans you can use it to clean them easily without having to get a step-ladder or step stool. It doesn’t take a lot to bend it in any direction you want or need it and just as easy to straighten it back out.

To detach the head there is a gray switch that you have to push up then pull the head out. To put it back in all you have to do is push the head back in until it clicks and the gray switch will automatically go back down into the locked position.


It is very easy to clean also. Just take and run it under warm water. You do not need to use any type of soap to clean it as the dust, dirt and all of that will come out with the warm water running over it. Wring it out and then let it air dry. I would recommend that you sit it straight up and down to dry or you will get flat spots that you will have to fluff back up. It doesn’t take long though to fluff it back up.

The extending pole is very easy to do. You twist it clockwise to loosen it to either lengthen or shorten the handle and turn it counterclockwise to lock it in place. When it is fully extended it will reach about 5 foot 4 inches or 64 inches. With it fully extended you will have no problems reaching the corner of our tall ceilings.

All in all I think this is a good duster to have and worthy of the $17.99 price tag currently on Amazon. My biggest complaint is that it does not trap the dirt and prevent it from falling all over the place when using it for high hard to reach areas. While this did happen when using it on the ceiling fan, some lower areas trapped the dirt fine, and seemed to be good at keeping it attached.



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