iTrack Key Finder

I have had my iTrack Key Finder for more than a week. I thought I’d address a few of the positive and negative issues I have experienced with my iTrack. 

Low volume
This is true, if covered up or in a bag, the iTrack is much harder to hear. However, the app shows you proximity, so I can use the app to get closer until I finally hear the alarm. I tested this also, by having my toddler hide my keys, and until I opened the lid of his toy box it was hard to hear. I still found them, thanks to the app.

Has never been a problem. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge, running Nought beta, and had no issues setting up, pairing, and tracking my unit. 

This is what I have the biggest problem with. As this one has a replaceable battery, which makes it easy to change when low,  and you do not have to send in to pay more to swap, my battery, only a week old, is half depleted. One battery was already installed when I received it, and an extra one was included in the box, I feel the battery life is the biggest problem with this item.

Couple notes:
I have never used the proximity alarm. It would be annoying for my lifestyle, and I believe that depending on the way you use this Finder,  the alarms constantly going off could be a good thing. 

My iTrack is most useful in helping me determine which pocket I left my keys in (or if I mistakenly throw them somewhere I forget ), or which room I left my phone in. I haven’t tried it on my dog, or kid, so it might have limitations with more intensive use that I haven’t discovered.

I haven’t had any problem with mistakenly hitting the button. I usually have my keys in my pants or coat pocket. You have to hold the button down to call your phone, so it’s not hard to do on accident.

I liked the proximity indicator on the app, and the fact that I just have to replace a $6 battery when it’s dead, rather than the whole device. My biggest wish would be for better battery life, or even recharging battery. 

You can Purchase your iTrack Finder on Amazon.


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