Eberbart Beard Comb with Case – Review



This is my first actual beard comb. It’s both heavier and smaller in the hand than I anticipated, which generally makes it feel of great quality and craftsmanship. The size is admittedly taking some getting used to, (4′ x 2.5′ inch), but I come from using a longer plastic comb. The smell of the comb is naturally one which goes well with the beard balm I use. The smell is otherwise one which is pleasant and stands well on its own.


One particular feature I really appreciate is the ease with which it combs through my very thick beard. It hasn’t snagged at all, which was a very common problem with the plastic comb I was using. The comb also has two different types of ‘tooth’s’ both Fine or Wide so that you can pick the one that is most comfortable for you.


I have been using for about a week now, and while I haven’t noticed a major difference. I really love the case as it allows for easy transport to use throughout the day in a pocket/bag. It’s also very easy to clean, as it just requires you to wash it with warm soap, and water and allow it to air dry completely. This also helps soften the wood of the comb so it will just get better and better after each use.


Checkout this item on Amazon by visiting the link below:




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