Perfect Life Ideas – Desktop Miniature Pool Table Set

At an affordable price of $12.97, I couldn’t be more satisfied with this Mini Pool Table by Perfect Life Ideas! I really enjoy playing pool with my wife, and this Mini Pool Table creates a great social piece when at work. The size 9.5″ L x 5.25″ W x 2.4″ H is small enough to fit anywhere and has two cue sticks that are just 6.25″ L.

This is a small, very kiddie version, and it has everything you need for a quick game. The size is perfect for little ones. My son is almost 3 years old, and wouldn’t recommend it due to the small choking hazards that are present with the balls, however I can see slightly older kids, over 6 years of age, that can handle it pretty well. Because the parts are tiny, larger hands may not have a great time playing so this may be great for kids or young adults.

We had lots of fun playing it the day once we received it. One thing to remember is that the balls are small, and can be lost very easily if they hit the follow or fall out from the collection slot. My favorite feature is that the balls fall into a collection section below the table, and fall into the rack so that you can finish one game and have the balls set for the next match within a few moments.

One issue with my sampled product is that the legs are off balance, and if you touch one corner of the table it will shift and cause the balls to move slightly. For younger kids, it’s no big deal really! Also, I really wished the balls looked more like the real object balls. This is space saving (very compact) and very fun game set for the whole family and friends!


Click below to purchase your own Perfect Life Ideas – Mini Pool Table from Amazon for $12.97! This would make a great stocking stuffers or present for Christmas or just because!


Summery Pop up Infant Travel Bed – Review

So going along with the Summery Pop up Tent, I was also provided this Summery Pop up infant travel bed and it is just as handy as the last tent. It’s portable, lightweight, and super handy at keeping mosquitoes, and any other bugs that are annoying you.

The tent measures about 13 1/4″ x 16″ x 2 3/4″ and is a great size for most children under the age of 2. As you can see, our son Trey can lay down and roll around inside it and not have any issues. That being said my only issue is with the netting, as this does not zip up around the bed, like the larger pop up tent does, and relies on folding the netting under the pole at both ends. While it does have a zipper part at the top of the cover, I was never able to get the netting to stay put at the ends, and it kept popping up and over the pole. This does not work well during my testing and was really the only complaint that I had.


The tent included a nice removable bottom pad that sits on the bottom of the bed to allow comfort from just laying it on the ground and was easy to add/remove whenever needed. The inside also has nice UV protection so that the sun stays out of baby’s eyes and lets them sleep without being disturbed by the sun.



You also get elastic hooks on the inside that allow you to hang baby’s favorite toy to double as a playmat to use. Baby can roll around very easy for tummy time if needed however should be watched closely whenever they are in it. This isn’t something you’re just place your baby in and walk away.

This Summery Pop up infant travel bed is so much easier to fold up and carry when not in use. Way much more than the Summery Pop up Tent as I reviewed before and is  lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go and portable enough to fit inside a bag, or under a stroller when not in use. 


Veenev Baby Carrier – Review

So my wife has been babywearing for 2 1/2 years now and used numerous types of carriers: wraps, slings, and a few soft structured carriers like the Bjorn and Ergo. Each style of carrier has it’s pros and cons and each works best for different carrying methods.

So this particular carrier is a soft structured carrier, meaning it wears similar to a backpack, and has buckles and padded straps. You can position the baby on your back, like a backpack, or in the front.

Some of the Pros of this carrier:
– It is a very comfortable carrier to wear, very minimal stress on your back, and to the baby.
– The back is slightly higher so it offers more support for smaller babies allowing for carrying when they are napping.
– It seems very secure when fastened. The buckles lock and do not feel loose at all.
– The material is very soft and breathable. The ventilation helps keep it much cooler than other similar style carriers
– Has a hood that can be attached/removed.

– the strap across the back is a touch short.
– You need 2 hands to unfasten the waist. Not a bad thing because it’s extra secure but you have to set baby down and can’t remove it one handed.

So while I do love the design and look for this carrier, due to the weight limit I was unfortunately to worried to place our 30 lbs son inside for fear it would not hold him. We will be having our friends over and will let you know how it holds with their newest bundle of joy so make sure you subscribe for updates coming soon!

You can click here to purchase your own Veenev Baby Carrier on Amazon!


Summery Pop Up Portable Mosquito Tent – Review


My wife and I have really wanted to go camping outdoors this summer, however we want to try and enjoy the experience with our 2 year old son, and the mild/hot weather in Tennessee keeps that from being so easy. Throw in the fact that my wife is a magnet for mosquitoes and you can image how miserable it could be for my wife and our son. Then the fear of the Zika virus just makes you want to stay indoors and away from standing water, or lakes.
So when I was offered a chance to test out this Summery Pop Up mosquito tent, it was obvious that we want to try and use it outdoors.When most people think of a tent, they want to be covered outdoors from most elements of the like rain, water, bugs, and the sun. This isn’t that kind of tent. It only provides some shading, mostly in the center only, and from bug. This does not have the rain flap that you would want/need to use for overnight camping, however depending on the climate and the seasons you may not need it either.

What makes this so great is that they keep the netting from resting on you, which would allow mosquitoes to bite you. All of the nets that drape over the beds sag at the sides so if you sleep with someone else you end up pushed against the netting and find yourself vulnerable to bites. Also it folds up nice and slim to not take up also of space and can be stored easily off to the side. Included is some rope to tie down, and some stakes to secure into the ground to keep it from moving away on it’s own.

As you can see in the photos my wife was able to lay down and our 2 year old son without any issues. I was also able to lay down however I was up to the edges and would have not been comfortable for long periods of time. Our son was able to stand up inside it without any issues, and my wife was able to sit up and still have room from her head touching the top.

My only issue is that it is difficult at first to fold up, and the instructions provided are handy reminders, however I am a visual person and it took 45 minutes to figure it out for myself. Once you get it however, it does get easier and can be done in just a few seconds.

All said, this is a good tent to have when if you want your kids/loved onces outdoors without getting bothered with bugs. Please a basket of toys inside and some sun screen, and they will be entertained for hour!

Click here to purchase on Amazon for $49.99!

Homiom Microfiber Duster – Review

So let me say that this is a very nice duster. It has a pretty solid expandable pole for reaching the hard to reach areas, however it’s not the best.

The head of the duster is a microfiber and very soft. It picks up the dust very easily however it does not hold onto it very well. As you can see below, when dusting my fan it does not trap the dirt and it just falls on the floor, or on you.

One thing that I really like is the head is also bendable so that if you have ceiling fans you can use it to clean them easily without having to get a step-ladder or step stool. It doesn’t take a lot to bend it in any direction you want or need it and just as easy to straighten it back out.

To detach the head there is a gray switch that you have to push up then pull the head out. To put it back in all you have to do is push the head back in until it clicks and the gray switch will automatically go back down into the locked position.


It is very easy to clean also. Just take and run it under warm water. You do not need to use any type of soap to clean it as the dust, dirt and all of that will come out with the warm water running over it. Wring it out and then let it air dry. I would recommend that you sit it straight up and down to dry or you will get flat spots that you will have to fluff back up. It doesn’t take long though to fluff it back up.

The extending pole is very easy to do. You twist it clockwise to loosen it to either lengthen or shorten the handle and turn it counterclockwise to lock it in place. When it is fully extended it will reach about 5 foot 4 inches or 64 inches. With it fully extended you will have no problems reaching the corner of our tall ceilings.

All in all I think this is a good duster to have and worthy of the $17.99 price tag currently on Amazon. My biggest complaint is that it does not trap the dirt and prevent it from falling all over the place when using it for high hard to reach areas. While this did happen when using it on the ceiling fan, some lower areas trapped the dirt fine, and seemed to be good at keeping it attached.



Kitchenbest Silicone Utensils – Review

So for someone like me that is not a big fan of cooking, these are great kitchen utensils!

The color of these is a nice lime green, which my wife isn’t a fan of, however grew on me and I started to really like since it’s a really different color! I have purchased other non-stick cookware friendly utensils before and they are a hard plastic that tends to melt if you leave it on the burner in the pan to long, or worse the black starts to fade and looks grey over a few washes. These are made of silicone, which eliminates that problem, and after 5 wash cycles in the dishwasher have not warped or faded any of the color.

The utensils have a stiffer metal type core that makes them solid for cooking, but still have that soft silicone feel to them. They are comfortable and easy to hold on to when cooking. The only one I was not a huge fan of was the spatula. With it being silicone the edge is softer and you can’t use it to scrap anything off because of that. It did work great for making scrambled eggs though. The softer edge went around the edge of the pan very well and worked great.

Clean-up is also a snap. They are dishwasher safe! I have put them through my dishwasher 5 times so far, on the high heat setting and they did not melt, fade or get warped.

You can tell that these are really meant to last. They seem to be high quality and I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for some silicone utensils.

You can click here to purchase your own set on Amazon for $24.99 currently.



Review – Wasserstein – Digital Multifunction Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Scale

I love everything to do with food, whether it is eating out, checking food stores, or cooking at home. One of the most important tools to cooking is using a scale like this one.

When I opened the package with the Wasserstein Digital Kitchen Scale, and saw that it was a similar size to an iPad mini, I was blown away. Looking straight down on it, it has a nice stainless steel design. On the bottom of it, it has a unit button, a power/tare button, and in between is the LCD screen. These buttons are smooth, and part of the overall design and super sleek.

The design is very straightforward and works exactly like you would expect. Make sure that it’s placed on a flat surface. Press the On/off/tare button. The LCD screen will light up, and be on 0. The scales can be on ml, gram, fl.oz, or lb and oz. I love this feature, because most cookbooks are metric. To change from one to another, you have to touch the Unit button, and each one will be displayed.

Say you wanted to weigh flour for homemade banana pudding, put the bowl onto the scale. It showed the weight of the bowl. Then press the Tare button, and the scale goes back to 0. Next you’re able to put in the flour to the desired amount, and then take the bowl off the scale, or Tare it again and add additional ingredients that are depended on weight.

Once you remove the bowl from the scale, your showed a minus amount. All you have to do is press the Tare button, and it goes back to 0.

Weight appears to be exact as you can see in a side by side view of my older scale, they both matched and weight seemed to be the same with no difference between the two.

Cleaning is a breeze, as I just wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not wash them in a sink of water, as they are not waterproof.

They have a lifetime warranty with the original owner, subject to you taking care of the kitchen scale. A list of do’s and don’t is in the User Manual.

So whether you want to weigh .1 of an ounce, or 11 pounds, you have the availability of doing it with this scale. It comes with 2 lithium batteries, so you can just buy it, and start using it immediately. Your friends will want one too.

Click hereto go to the amazon page to purchase your Wasserstein Digital Scale!