Perfect Life Ideas – Desktop Miniature Pool Table Set

At an affordable price of $12.97, I couldn’t be more satisfied with this Mini Pool Table by Perfect Life Ideas! I really enjoy playing pool with my wife, and this Mini Pool Table creates a great social piece when at work. The size 9.5″ L x 5.25″ W x 2.4″ H is small enough to fit anywhere and has two cue sticks that are just 6.25″ L.

This is a small, very kiddie version, and it has everything you need for a quick game. The size is perfect for little ones. My son is almost 3 years old, and wouldn’t recommend it due to the small choking hazards that are present with the balls, however I can see slightly older kids, over 6 years of age, that can handle it pretty well. Because the parts are tiny, larger hands may not have a great time playing so this may be great for kids or young adults.

We had lots of fun playing it the day once we received it. One thing to remember is that the balls are small, and can be lost very easily if they hit the follow or fall out from the collection slot. My favorite feature is that the balls fall into a collection section below the table, and fall into the rack so that you can finish one game and have the balls set for the next match within a few moments.

One issue with my sampled product is that the legs are off balance, and if you touch one corner of the table it will shift and cause the balls to move slightly. For younger kids, it’s no big deal really! Also, I really wished the balls looked more like the real object balls. This is space saving (very compact) and very fun game set for the whole family and friends!


Click below to purchase your own Perfect Life Ideas – Mini Pool Table from Amazon for $12.97! This would make a great stocking stuffers or present for Christmas or just because!