GuideLine Pro – Review

So let me start by saying that I always take care of my beard myself. To me it’s something that you can mostly do with little to no maintenance. Sometimes it grows uneven, and sometimes I cut it shorter on one side more than the other.

With that said, I jumped at the opportunity of reviewing this beard tool with the tips/tricks to get your beard looking barbershop fresh! Looking at the sample image on Amazon, it looks easy! Hold it up to your face and the tool provides a easy way to line up…. Well yeah…. Sort of. 

So this tool has 3 edges and each is used differently. Side 1 works for the top of your beard, while step 2 is designed to be used for your neck line. Step 3 is for your mustache and as you can see in the photo above the instructions are not very helpful.

Step 1 is suppose to make it easy for you to shape your beard perfectly on both sides,  and honestly I could really use that! I don’t have the best luck with ensuring that both sides match and even just holding it up you can see a difference between the sides.

Step 2 is supported to make it easy to trim your neck line and make it look nice and even all the way around. For Step 3, I had no idea what or how to use it,  however I figured if the first 2 steps work out 3 may just work on its own.

So yeah I do not have my beard anymore…. This is by far the hardest part of reviewing! So what happened you may ask? Well at step 1 you are to hold the tool up to your face and your be able to shave with the other hand. We’ll in theory that would require another hand and I do not have that. After wetting my face and holding it up with one hand,  then I tried to put shaving cream on my face a day make a “Template”  or outline. We’ll the wet face and foam shaving cream did not work exactly well. This caused me to miss and shave ALOT lower than it should have.

So I personally cannot recommend this to anyone,  unless your using it at a barbershop or a second person assisting with using it. The instructions from the seller also does not help much. Check out the product on Amazon today!