Review – Antop AT-413B Amplified Indoor/ Outdoor TV Antenna

I was looking for an antenna to use to see if cord cutting was going to be a reality in our household.  My biggest concern was the local channels, and being able to get some good quality video, so I could watch my favorite shows live, other shows I would use streaming services like Netflix and Sling TV. It is so frustrating to pay over 160.00 per month for TV/Internet and only watch a handful of shows!

We had an extra RCA OTA indoor antenna that we had not used in a long time, so we hooked it up to compare with this Antop Indoor/Outdoor  amplified antenna. So for starters, the RCA antenna was not very good and at best got less than 10 channels and those that it received, was not very good and signal was distorted at times. The weak signal was the biggest reason that we kept the cable services.


As you can see in the photo above, I have some distance between the antenna tower, and my house. Several of the towers are about 30 miles away, and the RCA was hardly able to get the shows to show. Once I swapped it with the Antop, I was able to scan and get almost 40 channels! Way more than I have ever gotten in the guest room, and I feel once I mount it outside, at the highest area of our house, we may get more every easily. The farthest transmitter is over 90 miles away, which is farther than the range this one provides, however it was perfect start into the life of Cord Cutting.

I was very surprised at the picture quality this Antop provided, most channels came in crystal clear. I was, and still am, very impressed. Tennessee is currently in a “Drought” so at the time of writing this, I do not know if storms may affect that. A few channels (7 to 10 total) did lose picture signal at times but I attribute that to the fact that I didn’t have the antenna outdoors or up higher and it was having to pick up a signal through the walls and roof of my home.

One very unique feature that this antenna has, is a 4G LTE filter, that “blocks” the inference that the signals share and that it allows for “stronger” signal transmission. While this was an interesting feature, in my testing it did not really show any different results and I do have cell phone towers less than a mile from my home. While this may be an YMMV feature, I was unable to notice any difference in my testing.

It was very easy to set up. All the hardware you need is included in the box. I just attached one end of the coaxial cable to the antenna, the other end to the amplifier, and the amplifier to my HDTV. The amplifier gets plugged into any nearby wall outlet. You then need to set your television reception to ‘antenna’ or ‘air’ then have it scan the channels. That’s it. It was super easy. You get about sixteen feet of cable or so if you need any more than that you may want to purchase that as well. If you are like me you probably already have a ton of coaxial cable in a box in a closet somewhere.

Overall I am very impressed with this antenna. It exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Now, to mount it up outside or inside the attic, and run cable to the other TV’s and get rid of cable TV service. I will keep the internet however, the internet with streaming services and this antenna, we plan on saving almost 70 dollars a month!

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Review – Super Benny Bouncy Bull

This bouncy bull is what you’ll get and can be inflated Over and over again. It’s name is Benny, but we just call it a Bull because once on a bull, just like the rodeo ‘Cowboys’ they need to hold on tight!

I love the strength of ‘Benny’ where it can go for example like tuff outdoor’s ground the material is not like any ordinary one I have ever rubbed on it’s soft latex that seems very strong! 

Included with purchase is a free hand pump,  which means your be ready to ride and play within minutes! The white plug, which is located at the rear/bottom of the bull, is slightly difficult to remove, but can be done by hand. After I inserted the pump a few light strokes that is all was needed then presto the bull’s inflated up!  It was very easy/quick for me to do and I’m sure the pump can also be used for other reasons too so it’s a Win Win! 

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Review – Kuda Outdoors Flashlight

I always love getting new flashlights because we use them everywhere. When this one arrived, the first thing that I said was that this light is BRIGHT! Be sure you’re not looking at it when you first turn it on because you will blind yourself!

This flashlight comes with everything neatly boxed separately. It comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, a wall charger, a plastic battery sleeve, a battery holder so that you can use 3 AAA batteries instead of the lithium ion battery. I like that it can be used with 2 different types of batteries so you can always use it even if you forget to recharge the big batteries.
The coolest thing about this flashlight is the variety of light functions. Besides being able to adjust the beam from zoom to wide angle, it has 5 modes of lighting: bright, medium, low, strobe & SOS signal. This is a really great flashlight & is handy to have not only around the house, but for camping trips too.


Review – BESTEK 600A Car Jump Starter

I’ve used a lot of power banks, but this is without a doubt the most complete setup I’ve ever run across. In addition to the usual assortment of USB adapters that typically comes with a power bank, this also includes a set of jumper cables (more on those later), a 19v 3.5A output port with a wide range of adapters, a cigarette lighter adapter for charging. Everything comes packaged in a very nice carry case with lots of elastic straps to keep everything in place.

Something that was really unique to this kit was the Seat Belt cutter, and Glass Breaker that is designed into this system. While it’s size may make it hard to keep in the glovebox or center console of most vehicles, this is really handy when/if you come upon a vehicle accident and need to quickly provide assistance.

The powerbank itself is nicely styled. It feels solid, and has a very stylish looking case – it’s a lot more ornate than the typical utilitarian-looking powerbank. It has a nice LCD screen to display charge level, and 2 very bright flashlights.

For the usual tasks of charging a phone or a tablet. the power bank has four USB output ports: two 1A; another is 2.4A; and an ‘Auto 0-2.4A’. It also has a 19v 3.5A output for powering larger devices (such as a laptop) and includes 8 different adapters for the included cable to cover most common plug sizes.

Charging the powerbank requires using the included charger – it can’t be charged from a USB port. There are two included chargers: one for plugging into a wall outlet; the other for plugging into the car power outlet. That’s a nice feature since it means you can keep the power bank charged while you’re in the car.

I used the powerbank to recharge a variety of devices without any problems. Works fine, and the 10,000mAh capacity means you can get several full recharges of smaller devices, and close at least two full recharges of a larger device such as a tablet. Missing is any Quick Charge so if you have a device that is capable this will not provide that feature that most newer power banks can handle.

I can’t say if it will actually work to jumpstart a car battery – don’t have the means to test that since my car battery is in fine shape. Keep in mind that using it to jumpstart a car could be a two person operation since you have to unhook the power bank from the car battery within ten to twenty seconds of the car starting to avoid having the power bank overheat. The manual stresses that repeatedly.

I was able to jump start my Craftsman Riding Lawnmower several times to ensure that it does work for jump starting, and as provided by BESTek:

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Standard Jump Start

• Gas powered vehicles – 5.0L and lower displacements.
• Diesel powered vehicles – 3.0L and lower displacements.

On the plus side, the jumper cables that come with this seem very well made even though they are very short – the powerbank would need to be about six inches from the battery for everything to hook up.

But even if this does not jump start a car, the other features are worthy of a 5-star rating. It’s well-built, comes with a very nice case to hold the many pieces and parts, and it can run a laptop through its 19v 3.5A port, a feature you don’t see a lot of on power banks. While in an emergency it may not be the first thing you grab trying to escape, it’s practicality makes it a must have for families. It’s pricey, at around $50.00 as of this review,  the feature list is pretty impressive versus the typical power bank. And if it can jump start a car, so much the better.

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DJI Phantom 3 – Standard

So for years I have been asking for a Drone, mostly a DJI Phantom, because I want to start a new hobby and venture into the R/C Drone experience. I started watching YouTube videos of Casey Neistat who takes some AMAZING videos of everywhere he goes and does from New York, to California and all over the world. After years of waiting, and a little bartering, I was given the green light on my way home from a business trip TOTALLY out of the blue!

Before she can change her mind I took full advantage and went to order one. Then a few days later BAM a proud owner of a DJI Phantom 3 – Standard.

Now some people may complain that Oh you shoulda waited for the 4, or Why not the Pro or the Advanced?  For me to came down to practicality. I am not gonna let this new “hobby” start off breaking the bank. This is something that I am just starting and really looking forward to getting more into. I felt that the standard is perfect for me as it is a basic drone that I can learn and use anytime. I don’t have a 4K T.V and so 4K is overkill and this shoots great 1080p footage with great still images!

Check out my test flight video’s and let me know what you think? Do you have a drone? What is your experience with starting new hobbies?


Review – Dreaminex SoundTouch D-10 Bluetooth Earbuds

These have quickly became my daily drivers when out on a run, or in the office working and needing to isolate outside noises. They are extremely comfortable with very nice Mids and Highs. The bass is not as great as I would like to hear, however they do sound very crisp and clear!

Checkout my video and feel free to let me know what you think! Do you own a pair? What are you looking for in headphones/earbuds? Do you have a favorite kind?